Keep Your Tank Full With Southside Fuel

- 11:51 am - March 9th, 2021

Southside Fuel knows how important it is to keep customers’ tanks full during the spring and summer, but we know there are many homeowners out there who might not see the long-term benefits of doing so. Let us keep you informed!

Here are some reasons a full tank is important:

  • Empty space in the tank leaves room for water accumulation, which is common during the warm and humid seasons

  • Water accumulation promotes corrosion of the tank, and the development of bacteria and sediment inside the tank

  • Sediment and bacteria can make its way into the heating system, causing blockages and breakdowns

  • If a tank is left completely empty, air can also be drawn into the heating system causing further issues with the equipment and fuel lines

How can homeowners help avoid these problems?

Order a Final Fill Up!

Be sure to order fuel when your tank is running low – even if you’re sure that you’re no longer going to use your heating system. One final fill up can save you from a big headache later on.

Sign up for Automatic Delivery!

Southside Fuel offers automatic delivery, which gives homeowners a hands-free approach to maintaining their fuel levels. It’s perfect for keeping that tank full without having to worry about forgetting to place orders or check your tank.

Is your tank full? If not, order a final fill up! Or, sign up for automatic delivery and save yourself the hassle of having to call and place an order for delivery! Contact us online if you’d like to learn more.

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