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- 4:51 pm - February 15th, 2018

According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA), the average price of heating oil and propane for this winter will be higher than last winter. Compared with last year, higher crude oil prices and lower inventory levels are putting pressure on the prices for heating fuels. Additionally, a colder winter is expected to increase heating fuel consumption. As a result of increased prices of crude oil and higher heating fuel consumption, average cost per household for heating oil and propane may increase from last year as well.

However, as a Southside Fuel customer, you’re spending your money intelligently by paying for more than just the delivery of Oilheat. We’re a full-service heating oil dealer and that means you’re receiving much more for the price you pay. How much more, you ask? Let’s take a look!

  • Budget Plans: Our convenient budget plans let you take control of your fuel payments, and can even soften the blow of rising fuel prices. Rather than paying the bulk of your heating oil bills during the heating season, you can spread your costs into 12 even payments throughout the year.
  • Annual Heating System Tune-Ups: To offset the price of oil, the key to saving money is keeping your equipment healthy. With Southside Fuel’s service experts performing preventive maintenance on your heating system, we can spot problems before they turn serious and help you prevent system breakdowns or costly repairs.
  • High-Efficiency Equipment: The best way to save on fuel costs is by upgrading your heating equipment to models that use less fuel, without sacrificing your preferred level of comfort. Purchasing an ENERGY STAR®-rated furnace or boiler can help reduce fuel costs by 30 percent.

At Southside Fuel, we do our best to help our customers save money while receiving the most for their energy dollars. That’s why we offer more than just prompt heating oil delivery. To learn more about how Southside Fuel can help you save money on fuel costs, contact us today.

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