Did This Winter Get the Better of You? Consider a New Heating System!

- 3:02 pm - March 2nd, 2021

We’ve had a pretty cold winter this year – did your heating system perform as expected or did it come up short? If you’ve run into some trouble staying warm because of your heating equipment, it might be best to upgrade… if not for this heating season, then for the heating seasons to come!

In addition to poor heating coverage, there are other indications that an upgrade is the way to go. Those include…

The System’s Age

Equipment that has been in service for more than 10 years should be replaced with modern more modern systems. This is for the benefit of the homeowner, as new equipment boasts higher efficiency ratings and will be less likely to breakdown in the middle of winter.

The Frequency of Service Calls

During the heating season, when your equipment is running for longer periods of time it’s normal to have an extra service call or two. However, if you’re starting to spend more on repairs than you’re comfortable with, new equipment can help.

The Cost of Fuel

If you’re spending more on heating costs year after year, it could be an issue with your heating equipment’s degrading efficiency. Today’s heating equipment boasts efficiencies of up to 90%, which significantly helps with heating costs!

If this winter got the better of you, get the better of next winter with a newly installed home heating system from Southside Fuel! Call or contact us online today to learn more about how modern home heating equipment can help you.

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