Save Time and Money Fueling Your Fleet with Southside Fuel

- 3:41 pm - May 7th, 2018

When your drivers spend time waiting to fuel at retail stations, valuable time slips away and money flies out the window. The good news is, it doesn’t have to be this way. There’s a way to fuel your fleet whenever and wherever you need and eliminate those unnecessary costs – Southside Fuel’s fleet fueling service! We fuel your fleet anywhere, at any time so your drivers can hit the road on schedule. As a result…

  • Your drivers will avoid waiting in long lines at retail stations
  • You’ll save money and reduce downtime by keeping your drivers on the road and productive
  • You can eliminate the risks and costs associated with having your own on-site fueling facility
  • You’ll get precise information on fuel usage with our metered trucks, which tell you exactly how much fuel each vehicle consumes
  • You’ll build a solid reputation as a company that’s prepared and good to do business with

If your Richmond area fleet is in need of a better way to fuel, Southside Fuel has the answer. Find out how we can help you save time and money fueling your fleet by contacting us today, and be sure to ask about our many other commercial services.

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