Convenience of Southside Fuel’s Online Delivery

- 9:23 am - January 24th, 2018

These days, who isn’t interested in ease and convenience? Southside Fuel knows that our customers expect an easy way to order fuel, even during extreme winter weather events, and that’s why we’ve made it possible to order fuel right through our website! What’s more, with our responsive website, you can order your fuel from anywhere, using your smartphone or tablet. Take a look at the options available for our residential, commercial and construction customers.


Southside Fuel provides fleet fueling services, and we also deliver regular and mid-grade unbranded gasoline to filling stations and fueling facilities. Our prices are competitive and we offer a flexible delivery schedule. We use metered trucks, so you’ll know how much fuel your tanks receive, and if you require a tank we can also provide one to you.


Maximize your productivity and stay on schedule with our job site fueling services. We can work directly with you to develop a custom fueling plan for each job site. You can count on our prompt and accurate delivery to keep the job moving. We can also offer job site tanks in a variety of sizes.


For our residential customers, we offer number 2 heating oil. Along with our delivery service, you’ll also receive expert maintenance and repair. You can also sign up for automatic delivery by credit card, which lets us take on the responsibility of keeping your tank full.

So whether you’re heating your home or fueling a generator on your job site, Southside Fuel always delivers – and it can all be done directly online! For more information on our fuel or delivery services, give us a call or contact us online today.

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