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- 11:40 am - May 15th, 2017

Southside Fuel’s on- and off-road fuel services keep the construction workers and farmers who help build and sustain our community fueled up. 

By fueling our farms’ operations, we make it possible for them to provide our community’s food supply. Our fuel powers cultivators that loosen the soil for planting new seeds and tearing away harmful weeds; and runs the harvesters that bring the crops in quickly and efficiently. Some farms are located far from a source of electricity and rely on generators powered by Southside Fuel to keep their crops watered and livestock healthy. Most importantly, we fuel the transportation of goods from the farm to the store where the hard work pays off for our local farmers, and customers have access to freshly grown fruits, vegetables and other products. 

All of the lifting, pulling and digging that go on at construction sites require fuel. When we provide that fuel to our local construction companies, we’re taking part in the work that shapes our community. When excavators dig out a location for new stores and houses, they’re running on fuel delivered by Southside Fuel. Bulldozers and dump trucks move piles of dirt and rocks while cement trucks mix cement for the new foundation, all made possible by the same fuel. Cranes lift heavy equipment stories into the air, haul lumber and lower septic tanks into the ground. All of this is possible with Southside Fuel’s reliable supply of quality fuel delivered directly to the job site.

Southside Fuel considers it our duty to provide dependable service for our farmers and construction workers, so that our community is able to grow and remain productive and efficient. If your business needs dependable fuel deliveries, contact Southside Fuel now.

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