Aboveground Storage Tanks: What You Need To Know

- 1:23 pm - July 28th, 2023

Is it time to upgrade your heating oil tank? While oil tanks can last for decades, it is best to upgrade them before the two-decade mark. Here at Southside Fuel, we’ve got what you need!

Our Southside Fuel technicians, located right here in Virginia, will make sure that your new aboveground tank is installed safely, securely, professionally and promptly. Aboveground tanks can be placed inside or outside of the home, in the basement, crawl space, utility room or even the garage.

The latest aboveground tanks are made of corrosion-resistant steel and fiberglass. These tanks take up very little space whether they are located inside or outside. Our double walled tanks provide a great benefit to you, your home and the planet. That’s great news! In the rare case of a tank release, which could be caused by interior corrosion, the oil will be contained between two walls, the outer and inner wall. Now you may be asking, “if the oil is contained between the two walls, how will I know there’s a problem with my tank?”


Here are some signs there might be a leak in your tank:

  • Signs of oil, such as the smell or even the sight of oil anywhere around your tank
  • Tank running out of fuel more frequently than usual


In the event that you suspect a problem regarding the state of your aboveground oil tank, contact us! We will determine if there had been a release, and can assist you if you need to contact the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ). The State of Virginia has your safety in mind and you may be eligible for free, automatic coverage or a reduce cost of the cleanup and repair of your oil tank through the Virginia Petroleum Storage Tank Fund.

Whether your tank is about 20 years old and it is time for an upgrade, you suspect corrosion in your tank or a fuel release, or you just have questions regarding aboveground storage tanks, contact Southside Fuel! We will examine your tank, suggest options and answer any of your questions or concerns.

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