Is It OK to Use Old Diesel in My Generator?

- 1:20 pm - April 18th, 2024

When it comes to commercial generators, the quality and storage of fuel play an important role in the generator’s performance. If your diesel fuel is dirty, it can leave your building in the dark when the time comes to use your backup generator. Southside Fuel helps our commercial customers keep the lights on during a power outage by testing commercial generator fluids to ensure the readiness of the equipment.

Common Questions We Receive about Commercial Generators Include:

1) How long can diesel fuel sit in a generator?

Various factors can affect the degradation of your diesel fuel, but if stored in a cool and dry place, diesel fuel generally lasts 6 to 12 months. Heat, water, and air are all contributing factors that can lead to the degradation of your generator fuel. Once your fuel begins to significantly degrade, it can become thicker and clog the fuel filters, putting your generator at risk.


2) Can you put diesel in a generator while running?

No, you should not try and refill your commercial generator while it is still running. Filling your generator with diesel fuel while it is running can create a safety hazard. You should turn your generator off and let it cool for 15 to 20 minutes before refueling it.


3) What effect does bad diesel have on a generator?

There are a whole host of issues that can occur if you are using bad fuel inside your generator, including damage to the fuel injectors and injection pump, which will compromise the overall performance of the generator. The best way to ensure that your generator is using clean diesel fuel is to contact Southside Fuel so we can test it!


Diesel generators are incredibly reliable at providing backup power, but ensuring you are using clean fuel to power it is vital to its performance. Contact Southside Fuel today to request an inspection of your generator fluid!

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