Is Your Commercial Generator Ready to Perform During an Emergency?

- 3:43 pm - September 23rd, 2022

Commercial Generators Should Be Tested Regularly

It is nearly impossible to predict when the next severe weather event or other emergency will take place. If an unforeseen situation does arise, it is of the utmost importance to be prepared for the unexpected. If your business owns a generator, it is critical to periodically test the equipment to ensure that it is functioning properly and that it is available for use when you need it most. It is not only essential to make sure the equipment is functioning properly, but also to make sure the job site has enough fuel on hand to power the generator.

A job site without power can cost your business money!

Why Should Your Fuel be Tested?

The quality of the fuel is critical to the reliable performance of an emergency power system. The diesel fuels used today are far more chemically active than the refined products frequently used just a few years ago. Diesel fuel is not only subject to water, microbial degradation or outside contamination, but also to natural degradation due to oxidation and repolymerization. But today’s fuels can be stored and relied upon indefinitely if maintained properly.

Allow Southside Fuel to Help!

Southside Fuel is happy to supply your business with quality fuels and provide testing of stored fuels to ensure they have the capacity to perform their job. If your business is in need of fuel or testing of your commercial generator, give us a call at 804-231-5798 to schedule an appointment or take advantage of our online ordering system. To learn more about commercial generator fueling and testing or the many services we provide, contact us.

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