Top Signs Your Diesel Is Water-Contaminated

- 10:45 am - April 30th, 2024

Water in your diesel fuel tank can wreak havoc on your vehicles, generators, and other equipment. If you suspect water contamination in your diesel fuel, it’s important to have your vehicle, generator, or other equipment serviced by the technicians at Southside Fuel as soon as possible. Here are the top signs of contamination to watch for:


  • Performance problems: Water contamination can lead to a loss of power and RPMs, rough idling, and hesitation during acceleration.

  • Engine issues: In severe cases, water in your fuel can cause stalling, difficulty starting, and white smoke coming from the exhaust.

  • Fuel filter woes: Water can clog your fuel filter, restricting fuel flow, decreasing efficiency, and causing performance problems. Check your fuel filter regularly for signs of water contamination.


One of the best ways to prevent water in your fuel is to purchase fuel from a reputable company, and that’s where Southside Fuel comes in! We provide on and off-road ultra-low sulfur diesel to stationary and mobile tanks, generators, and fleets on your schedule to ensure maximum productivity for your business. Our services will help ensure that you never run out of fuel, which can create space for condensation and cause corrosion due to bacteria.


If you suspect water contamination, acting quickly is key. We are happy to test your fuel for contamination and degradation, and repair any damage or install a new tank for you. Contact us today to find out more on our commercial services, and let us do our job so you can do yours.


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